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Islamic Manuscripts Cataloging Services

Historical Calligraphy

The type of writing is another major elements in Cataloging manuscripts and Cataloging of historical documents and the cataloger of manuscripts and documents should refer to this. Various writing scripts have been used in writing manuscripts and documents in Persian and Arabic and addition, at different times, writing scripts have had different styles and this issue itself will be key in the cataloger's hands to discover forged documents and copies of the original, Suppose you have a manuscript or a document dating from past historical times, It is very easy to find out by its style that the manuscript or a document is original or fake. I learned about the different styles of writing in Persian and Arabic in manuscripts and historical documents in honorable Professors such as Professor Ghelichkhani and Khanipour, and I have been exploring the more details on writing styles of documents and manuscripts for many years. I can honestly say that if in a manuscript or historical document you found a slight difference with the document's inserted date style you are likely to face a fake case.

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