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Historical Document and Deed

During Iran's history documents have had a particular shape and style by time and place, and the expert of historical documents is someone who is aware of the difference between historical documents in terms of time and place and can determine what date the document belongs to. Historical documents from ownership documents to marriage documents usually have seals and signatures which are very important in their place. Forgery of historical documents is usually forged by using old white papers (non-written) in manuscripts that is easily detectable by a master of historical documents in most cases. The master of historical documents examines historical documents to distinguish the fake document from the actual document, to do this, he Investigates all the written composites, paper, written features, and so on. It is also here that familiarity with the Siyagh script is necessary. The document cataloguer needs to be able to read the Siyagh script and understand what is written in that script. I can say with confidence that most documents over eighty years old in Iran are rich in Siyagh scripts. A manuscript cataloguer will deal with the Siyagh script, but a historical document cataloguer will always be involved with the Siyagh script. And it should be noted that the strangest thing in the historical documents is that When reading historical documents, one is drawn to the past by a strange force and experience a dream journey, on the condition that they read and understand the contents, especially histories and places.

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