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Historical Papers in Manuscripts and Documents

Discussion of Identify the types of paper has great importance in the codicology. Because these are paper and similar materials (leather, wood, etc.) that allow people to make manuscripts and documents, The paper is not made alike in different times and places and different times and places with some human and nonhuman factors have produced some unique features in historical papers and you can draw accurate conclusions with the differences in paper over historical documents and manuscripts for example, determine whether the document is fake, Imagine now that you want to become a master at recognizing historical papers, So you need to touch, examine and compare all or a large volume of old paper types and come to your mind. Do you think it is possible for a person to have such a collection of historical papers that he can touch, examine and compare and remember the characteristics of each? Can anyone be found who has access to all or most of the old papers of the Islamic world or Iran? In reply, yes, there is someone who is familiar with most of the papers in the Islamic world and Iran and who is none other than Professor Habibollah-e- Azimi, the former head of the manuscript department of the National Library of Iran and I have had the privilege of having access to a vast collection of various historical papers in the Islamic world with the help of Dr. Habibollah Azimi.

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