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The Siyagh script refers to the special script of accounting in past centuries of Iran and neighboring countries of Iran, Siyagh script was the only standard accounting script in the past centuries of Iran which was then replaced by mathematical numbers.This script was usually stretched and consisted of numbers, letters, and weights.
The Siyagh script shows changes in place and time, For example, the Siyagh script of the Qajar era is different from the Siyagh script of the first Pahlavi era, And also Iran's Siyagh script differs from that of Turkey and India. Some solid evidence suggests that the Siyagh script has gone from Iran to Turkey and India.
Most scholars believe that the Siyagh in fact is One of the words of Arabic language and literature and others, by providing solid documentation, seek to record the fact that the word and its pronunciation of Siyagh are found in Avestan texts with their modern meaning and have an Iranian source.
Because in the past, the occupation and source of income of individuals were usually classified into different classes, and each class was immune to the influx of other classes and wanted to protect its class against the invasion of the lower classes of society, the Siyagh script was invented and used by the accountant class to allow the lower classes to penetrate the accountant class.
Imagine a mysterious and difficult script that was only passed from father to son and was not easy to learn for others, and it were only the accountants who knew what They were writing. The scheme was so elaborate that it was Possible receiving money from people for both recording and reading people's accounts.
Imagine your company accountant being a Japanese person and registering your company accounts on the Japanese script, you need that person when registering accounts and have to pay his own wages while reading past recorded material that you notice Find out what accounts are registered.

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