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Structural equation methods

A multivariate statistical analysis technique is used in which factor analysis and regression are combined together. This technique examines the explicit variables of hidden variables or the relationships and interactions between variables but two methods (CB-SEM) and (PLS-SEM) are known as two methods for the application of structural equations. Structural Equation (CB-SEM) covariance method has a parametric mode, and by the early 1990s, the method of the fourth chapter of academic research was used, but the least squares method of structural equations (PLS-SEM) was introduced as a complementary method in the early 1990s. Chapter 4 was a university research that still had a non-parametric state and because (PLS-SEM) has nonparametric mode, there are no conditions such as the normality of data distribution and the number of observations greater than 200 observations, although the normal distribution of data and the number of observations more accurately And higher statistical power (PLS-SEM). It should be noted that the discovery of the question which method we use in our research or thesis relates to the purpose and method of our research, which can be identified by a statistician. It is also argued that (CB-SEM) for research The work is done by the researcher seeking to confirm or reject the theories, while (PLS-SEM) is used in exploratory research, as well as any other nonparametric test when your data does not have normal distribution mode. You can use the (PLS-SEM).