Islamic Manuscripts and Handwritten Works Cataloguing Services
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How to do cataloging services of manuscripts and historical documents

The following four questions are answered in order to provide a clear picture of my Cataloging service of manuscripts and historical documents.

1- What do you mean by Cataloging and what exactly do you do for Cataloging?

I catalog unlisted manuscripts and historical documents for libraries and private collections, Based on the library Worksheet or private collection Worksheet or based on my own Designed worksheet. Manuscripts and documents worksheets usually include the name of the author (s), scribe's name, Writing date, type of paper, type of writing, subject of manuscript or document, and so on.

2- Can you remotely catalog manuscripts or documents?

Yes I can, Cataloging can also be done with the availability of electronic files of manuscripts and historical documents.But in order to identify the paper type of manuscripts and documents, as well as the type of cover and the dimension measurement of the manuscripts and documents, it is necessary to look closely at the manuscript or document.

3- What is the benefits of cataloging manuscripts and documents for libraries and private collections?

Cataloging manuscripts and documents by specifying the author of the works, the history of the works, the subject of the works, and other related materials, makes it possible for future scientific research, while also identifying the true value of the works, For example, there may be a unique work among manuscripts or unlisted documents that can be discovered and announced by a cataloger.

4- In what languages can you do the manuscripts and documents cataloging?

I can do cataloging operations of manuscripts and historical documents In Persian, Arabic, Turkish and English.

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