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Due to the wide range of statistical methods and software as well as the volume and complexity of the statistical analysis of the applicants, the price of the statistical analysis service of the website will be contacted by the statistician after hearing the applicants' explanations and the initial studies will be announced personally to the applicant.
Price range for statistical analysis of the statistical contact database website for $ 150 for statistical analysis of master's theses in Spss, Minitab, Eviews and SmartPLS software up to $ 300 for statistical analysis of doctoral dissertations in English in network analysis The nerve is MATLAB software.
It should be noted that the cost of statistical analysis is to be carried out in order to facilitate and maintain the statistical capacity of the operation after confirmation of the data and objectives of the applicant (the absence of a serious problem in the data and objectives set), the statistician after receiving the required fee Provides statistical analysis at the appointed time to the applicant so that the applicant achieves his or her goal of final verification of its statistical analysis, and as described in the section on how the website serves the contact with the statistician, this cost is not only intended to perform and Provides statistical analysis, but also includes the training required by the applicant and the subsequent support.