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Terms of providing statistical analysis on this website

Since science is a branch of mathematical sciences, and in statistical analysis, the statistician, by analyzing the data, intends to obtain results and sometimes predicts the future. In this regard, a number of conditions for the provision of statistical services are included in the website for contact with the statistician. :


1. Statistical analysis Unlike some human sciences that are right or wrong, they can analyze anything in themselves, can not analyze anything, and the resulting results have a solid and solid mathematical state without change unless the statistician The manipulation of numbers intentionally intends to change the scientific truth. Accordingly, the website of contact with the statistician can not analyze and conclude extra-scientific studies and scientific law, and in the initial examination of the data and the objectives of the issue, the problem will be detected and the applicant's breadth will be reached.

2- A person who personally conducts his paper or dissertation to the statistical analysis of the data and since he has specialized expertise other than statistical expertise and because of the complexity of the statistical analysis of his data, he is required from a professional help statistician He is a real scholar. This person is the actual and expected request of the website for contact with the statistician, which created a great potential and motivation for the writer (statistician), and the author would neither tire nor deny any attempt at statistical analysis and training. Except for this situation, the author does not have the power and patience to collaborate.