Islamic Manuscripts and Handwritten Works Cataloguing Services
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Islamic Manuscripts Cataloging Services

I am a Codicologist for hire with 7 years of experience in Codicology.

Direct and private contact with a professional Islamic Codicologist, before cataloging and pricing any Manuscripts and nonprint materials is the wish of every researcher, Bibliographer, collector and librarian who works in some way with these materials. Therefore, on this website, it is possible for researchers, Bibliographers, collectors and librarians to be able to work with a professional Islamic Codicologist. The space between me and my clients is quite scientific and I, as a Codicologist, will be in charge of my clients to present and publish scientific results. any cataloging and pricing of Manuscripts and nonprint materials at a professional level puts a new issue ahead of the Codicologist who must first identifies the best scientific method and then presents the best results, and I've encountered hundreds of new issues over the past seven years.

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Some areas associated with my Cataloguing Services

Historical Auditing and Notation


The Siyagh script refers to the special script of Auditing and Notation in past centuries of Iran and neighboring countries of Iran, Siyagh script was the only standard accounting script in the past centuries

Historical Papers


Identify the types of paper has great importance in the codicology. Because these are paper and similar materials (leather, wood, etc.) that allow people to make manuscripts and documents

Historical Seal and Stamp


Typically stamp in the field of Manuscripts and historical documents is a Tool for the purpose of verifying text and and the only difference today with the past is quick and easy to read and understand content written in the stamps.

Historical Calligraphy


The type of writing is another major elements in Cataloging manuscripts and Cataloging of historical documents and the cataloger of manuscripts and documents should refer to this.

Historical Document and Deed


During Iran's history documents have had a particular shape and style by time and place, and the expert of historical documents is someone who is aware of the difference between historical documents

Historical Cover and Binding


The cover and its variants are listed in the manuscript cataloging. In the past, a variety of materials were used to make the manuscript cover, as well as the owner of the manuscript who was an ordinary person or the king

Direct and private contact with a Codicologist;
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